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Admission Arrangements


What do we want to shout proudly about?

  1. Springwood Infant School is the first Hampshire school to be accredited with the National Literacy Award. This means that we teach reading and writing really well.  Expertise is being utilised across the federation to ensure the dissemination of good practice. 
  2. SIS received the Institute of Education Every Child a Reader School of the year, national award in July 2016.
  3. 2017 combined results in reading, writing and mathematics went up by 15% compared to 2016 results.
  4. Ofsted 2017 says that the standard of behaviour in our school is good.

What can we offer your child and your family?  Small class sizes throughout the school.  Good leadership to make improvements each year in the school so that your child benefits from the best

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Getting it right from the start is important. Starting a new school can be a significant event for a child and family.

Please make an appointment to meet with the Head of School and tour the schools. No pupil will be admitted without a pre meeting to agree an individual induction plan and starting date.

Please refer to the Home-School Agreement to understanding the responsibilities we will all have to play at the start of this partnership.

What does Ofsted judge the school to be like?
How recent was the inspection report? Is it likely that things will have changed since it was written?
For example, has there been a change of headteacher?

What do the school's published results tell you about how well children learn at the school?

How welcome do staff make you feel on the phone and when you visit the school?
Did you and your child feel safe on site?
Did you see confident, happy children working alongside adults and other children?

Did the school displays and classrooms look exciting, bright and cheerful?
Would you want to be a 4 year old in the school?
Look at the school's prospectus through the eyes of your child...does it make you want to join the team?

What is the lunch provision on offer?

What sorts of clubs does the school offer?
Does it have a breakfast club or after school club?
How often do children experience offsite visits to enrich their learning in school?

How many children are attending the school every day? Is the school's attendance figure above the national level set at 95%?

How large are the class sizes?
Is your child going to be in a large or small class?
How many teaching assistants does the school employ alongside the teachers?

How well does the school with other partner schools?
Does it lead training for other schools?

How comprehensive is the induction programme?
Will your child get opportunities to meet the teachers during the year?
Does the school offer home visits for your family and visits to your child's preschool?

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