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Springwood Junior School

Springwood Avenue





Phone: 023 9225 8011 (option 2)




Our friendly office team will support you with any enquiries.

Please direct all enquiries to the office team so that

they can direct your enquiry as appropriate.


Senior Admin Officers - Kim Simmons and Suzanne Richardson

Finance and Personnel Officer - Tracy Coltman


Senior Leadership Team:

Executive Headteacher - Jo Livingstone

Head of Schools - Jen Thornton

SENCo - Charlotte Stevenson



If something's worrying you...come and share it. Most concerns are misunderstandings and all the headteachers are available to meet with you face to face, to resolve these quickly.


All written complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days.


If you wish to make initial written contact with the schools by email please provide a postal address for all future correspondence. All complaints will be dealt with in writing, posted to a home address by first class post within 10 working days in line with the policy below. 


All general written enquiries will be dealt with in writing within 5 working days and posted to an address by second class post. 


In the case of an urgent complaint or enquiry the school recommend that you contact the school by telephone and request a meeting with a Headteacher or Senior Leader. 


We teach children to be open and honest so that if things aren’t right or they are unhappy about something, they say so directly with the other person concerned in a respectful manner. Similarly there is an expectation that if any adults in the school community are not happy about something or they have a concern, they follow the Schools’ Complaint Policy. Our schools’ complaints policy provides clear guidance on how to raise any concerns about school issues.

Please download a copy of the schools' Complaints policy if you need further guidance.


The schools respectfully draw your attention to the appropriate use of social networking sites.


The school will challenge all behaviour that brings the schools' reputation into disrepute.


The inappropriate use of social media, which publishes derogatory comments and incites public commentary by others are perceived by the schools to be harmful and a form of bullying.


In our schools we teach children to be kind and show respect towards others in all that they do and say – offline and online. The expectation is that all adults, including parents, staff and governors will model this too.


Thank you for working with us in a relationship of mutual trust and respect.


The school respectfully reminds you to inform the school of all concerns regarding a classmate's conduct which occurs during the school day. Please do not approach other parents of pupils directly as this compromises a fair and objective investigation. On too many occasions alleged bullying between parents has prevented disputes between pupils being swiftly resolved. Please report any inappropriate behaviour, in particular the use of social media by pupils or parents to the school.


The school documents all concerns and has a policy of transparency which means that all parents receive letters or texts to alert them to any monitoring of behaviour or to confirm conversations held in meetings with senior leaders regarding their child or family.


The school reserves the right to record all telephone conversations for monitoring purposes. 

This will ensure accurate reporting of al conversations between the school and third parties.


Use the link below to the refer to the policies relating to this page.

Pupil Privacy Notice in adcordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 18

Why is it important to respond to bullying?


Bullying hurts.  No one deserves to be a victim of bullying.  Everybody has the right to be treated with respect.  Pupils who are bullying need to learn different ways of behaving.


Find out more in our anti-bullying policy.  Don't let it happen to your child, talk about bullying so that they don't become a bully themselves.



Please contact a member of the school office if you wish any of the information provided on the website to be copied free of charge.  Paper copies are available in school at your request.

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