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Welcome to the Springwood Family. Here you will have a taste of our vision, values, personal development, behaviour and welfare of all our pupils.

A warm welcome to the Springwood Junior School website.  We hope you find this website easy to navigate and that it provides you with the information you need and gives you a good picture of the school and its community.


We are proud to be part of the Springwood Federation and constantly look to develop our schools and to provide a wonderful learning journey for your children.  Refer to the 'who's who' page to meet the rest of the team. 


At Springwood, we look for ways to develop further so that we are reaching for the stars and helping all of our children to achieve their full potential.  Please have a look at the school improvement priorities for 2018-19 below. 


Teachers will be uploading photographs so that you can see the children undertaking many learning activities throughout the year.  Please take a look at your child's class page.


We hope you are able to use the links to computer based learning that are provided through this website in order for your children to carry on learning outside of the school.


On behalf of the staff and governors we hope you and your children make the most of the opportunities that the Springwood Federation has to offer.


If you have any questions that you would like a personal response to please feel free to contact the school direct on 02392 258011 (option 1)


Many thanks.


Jo Livingstone        Executive Headteacher

Jen Thornton          Head of Schools

Flick through the photographs...each smile tells a story

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

We are currently developing our new behaviour policy with our new children and families.  The school council will be busy leading thoughts an initiatives to trial.  Our staff training day on 29th October 2018 will review their ideas then we hope to bring you into consultation with us.  This will give you a flavour of what is coming...


Conduct we wish to encourage

We all need to have a common understanding of what good manners and conduct are so that we can work together. It also needs to be age appropriate across the whole primary range from 4-11 years. Conduct we encourage, support and develop are:

- Self-control, a sense of calm and patience;

- Respect for all adults, peers and property; appreciation of others irrespective of family background;

- Politeness;- the ability to listen well to adults and peers;

- The ability to express an opinion appropriately;

- The ability to reconcile any differences

- Understanding of others;

- Pride in achievement, academic and personal;

- Co-operation and collaboration;

- Personal tidiness and hygiene;

- Care for the environment inside and outside the classroom.

We must all work actively together to encourage and model good conduct.


The benefits of good social conduct and manners

For the children they need to know what is expected of them so that they can:

  • Realise the importance of the way they behave and how it affects themselves, their peers,

         their parents and their teachers.

  • Work in a calm and quiet atmosphere concentrating on their work free from disruption from others.
  • Learn to care for each other and importance of friendship.
  • Learn self-respect and develop self-confidence and increase their self-esteem.
  • Learn to value effort and build resilience in their learning taking pride in their achievements and recognising the need to learn from mistakes.


Find out more in the policy. Help your child to become a responsible citizen.

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