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Year 3

A massive thank you to all the parents who joined in with the Year 3 Samba workshop. The whole school agreed that they were certainly the most enthusiastic samba band yet!


All children showcased their skills at hand percussion, keeping time, drumming skills and could teach adults how to get the Samba rhythm.   

On Thursday 4th October, Year 3 had a visit from Alison who led a Just Different workshop. Alison talked with the children about ways we could make our school more accessible to those with disabilities and about her experiences. She showed the children that nothing has held her back and the children were fascinated to see all that she has achieved. Alison showed us how she uses her feet in her day to day life and we all then had a go at writing our names with a pen on a whiteboard using only our feet! 
On Tuesday, Year 3 became explorers and discovered many amazing things about the planet we call Earth. They discovered how clouds were made, how all of the countries were originally one land mass and about how mountains are formed by tectonic plates. On the way we circled around the ring of fire learning about the different types of rock and how volcanoes effect our weather.  
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