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Year 5

Day 3 


The end of another day crammed with amazing activities including: skiing session 2, peg pole, crate stack, low ropes and climbing. Everyone's energy has been kept up by copious amounts of hot chocolate and flapjacks, alongside delicious meals including a roast dinner. 

For calshot please look on the year 6 page. 

On Wednesday of this week, Year 5 were visited by the fire service and taught all about fire safety and road safety. It was an exciting day, as children had to investigate the cause of a fire and guess how the fire may have started from multiple hazards. After this, they learned about how mobile phones can cause a distraction when walking safely. As good pedestrians, we need to take out our ear phones when crossing a road, put away our phones and stop, look and listen in a safe place.

Well what a week! After a restful yet studious break, Year 5 started their new topic with a bang. We have begun to learn about our historical figure for this half term – Nelson Mandela. We started by asking ourselves what we already knew about South Africa and relating it back to our previous Year 4 topic of Rosa Parks. We investigated the links between common South African themes and how they might be joined together.


After this, we learned about African drumming and how it plays a part in communicating messages. We learned that there are 3 different tones – the tone, the slap and the bass. If you put these together in different ways and with different rhythms you can send different types of messages - the louder the better.


Later on, we used our converting skills to measure ingredients for our South African biscuits – they were very tasty!



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