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Year 6

Day 3 


The end of another day crammed with amazing activities including: skiing session 2, peg pole, crate stack, low ropes and climbing. Everyone's energy has been kept up by copious amounts of hot chocolate and flapjacks, alongside delicious meals including a roast dinner. 

Day Two 


Today has been another exciting day of activities: more skiing, climbing, team swing, archery and initiative course. We started the day with a full english,burgers for lunch and chicken for dinner. Egg drop is this evenings activity and we hope we don't make too much of mess. 



Calshot Day 1 


Puils have had an exciting day settling into their rooms and starting their activities: skiing, climbing, team building and shooting. All have been well fed with pizza for lunch and sausages and mash for dinner.

This evening pupils are racing rockets before settling in for a well deserved sleep. 



Recently in English, Year 6 have been examining war time newspapers. They have been comparing old newspapers with new newspapers to find out whether the layout and language used has changed. After the examination, pupils have planned and written their own newspaper based on events from War Horse.

Staying Safe Online 

Year 6 have been exploring how to stay safe online and learning what to do if unkind things are happening on the internet. Pupils have been generating a list of 'Do's and Don't's' and made posters which they shared in the KS2 assembly. They listened to other year groups and listened to the tips other year groups had thought of. 


Year 6 have also learnt about how grooming can occur and how to keep themselves safe. They know the difference between safe and unsafe adults and they know who to tell if there is ever a problem. 

Tag Rugby 


Year 6 have started a new sport this half term, Tag Rugby. Pupils will be learning how to use the correct technique and the rules of the game. 

Science Event 


Year 6 were invited to Crookhorn to watch their science show. We were able to ask numerous questions and watch a range of experiments. We learnt about liquid nitrogen, air pressure and how your mind can play tricks on you. We were praised for asking insightful questions and our behaviour throughout the show. 

Open Classroom 22.09.17


Year 6 would like to thank all the parents that were able to attend Open classroom to see your child's learning environment and their current learning. The children were extremely proud to show off their learning to you.

Love of Reading


Year 6 have been showing off their love of reading, selecting books to read silently and speak to other peers about they have read. Pupils are currently reading War Horse as a class text and using extracts and clips from the movie to support their writing unit. 


Technology of Memory Event 


Some pupils from year 6, were randomly selected to attend a Technology of Memory event at Crookhorn. They were able to use computers to design their own memory stick and stick the components to ensure it would work correctly. 'I can't believe I made my own memory stick!' stated Alfie.  

Our First Week in Year 6


During our first week in year 6, we have explored the outside environment to start our longitudinal study. We are learning about our class creature and comparing it to other classes. We are also exploring how the seasons and different habitats have a different effect on the amount of class creatures found in each area. 


We have also begun our topic based 'Ancient Greek Myths and Legends'. We have learnt about the story of the god, which we have performed to other year groups in sharing assembly. We have learnt some individual stories about each god including he God of War, Ares. 


We have enjoyed our first week in year 6 and are looking forward to the year!


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