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Ants - Formicidae

MMD shipping /Portsmouth Dockyard

"We went to MMD shipping for a school trip. It was so fun, we got to see lots of Bananas  only 3 times a year they let schools come and visit! We are so lucky! “Uncle Harry” gave us lots of apples, bananas and oranges. The fruit filled up 6 whole boxes!! Did you know bananas are a herb?". Scarlet Year 4

Waterlooville Music Festival 


Year 2,4,5 took part in an excellent performance at St George's church. With a selection of body percussion, songs and homemade instruments, the children represented the school very well and supported Berewood, who also performed at the event. Some of the children decided to take part in a Springwood choir. Giving up their lunch time they chose, practiced and performed their song which finished our performance. 

Sports day 2016


Thank you to everyone who came to support their children during Sports day. An excellent competitive day was created through the effort shown by the children.

Congratulations to Creativity who won the overall competition this year.

Pumeza Mandela


On Thursday 14th April, three children from Year 2 and three children from Year 4 visited Horndean Technology College as an expert group to hear Pumeza Mandela) speak about the work the Mandela trust and museums are doing to ensure the remarkable story of Nelson Mandela continues to be shared.

The Mandela museum was established in 2000 and the organisation works across all 9 provinces in South Africa as well as in partnerships with the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and United States of America.  Nelson Mandela wanted a “one rainbow nation” where everyone in a country is equal.  The Mandela trust is now working to extend this vision so that a “one rainbow world” where everyone is equal can be formed.

The partnership between South Africa and Germany has enabled people to share their history of apartheid and the holocaust so that people worldwide work together to learn from the past and continue to strive towards to unity.

Our expert group worked collaboratively with pupils from other local schools to complete exciting challenges to help them learn about refugees, reasons people seek refuge and the feelings refugees may suffer.

The children also were able to speak directly with Pumeza and her ask her some questions:

“Would you have done what your uncle did if he had not stood up for black people?”  (Scarlet).

“Probably not.  I don’t think I would have had the courage” (Pumeza).

How old were you when your uncles stood up for black people?” (Sonny).

“Only 4 days old! (Pumeza).

“Why did Nelson Mandela get locked up for just speaking his own opinion?” (Finley).

Bubbles workshop with Explorer dome


Year 4 did not realise how amazing bubbles were until Ben and Dave shared their world of bubbles with Springwood. By mixing different liquids, applying gases to bubbles and exploring the effects it created, the children were able to look at bubbles in different ways. We learnt that bubbles always try to take the smallest form possible which is called ‘surface minimisation’. One of the most fascinating experiments shown was putting a bubble into a tank of carbon dioxide and watching it float, the only way it would drop was when the carbon dioxide was absorbed.

Apple of my eye

A year 4 expert group welcomed a visitor from Apple of my eye. A company that offers workshops that teach more about the link between food and faith. As part of this workshop the children consolidated their learning of the Passover story and made Jewish apple cakes. The children offered to share their cakes with the other members of the year group who were working on a different project. 

Fishbourne Roman Palace


Year 4 had the amazing opportunity to visit Fishbourne Roman palace. We started the day with a workshop where we were able to dress as real Roman slaves, princesses and princes.  We acted as experimental archaeologists to discover the different jobs that the slaves had to do and how we know they did these. We ground flour using a Quern stones and grain.  We also used a Mortarium to crush bay leaves for medicine and cooking. Building bridges, writing both using ink from sea creatures and by engraving on wax tablets, solving mathematical problems and designing our own mosaics were other Roman activities Year 4 were treated to. 


After our workshop, we watched a film to help us understand more about the discovery of Fishbourne before finally going on a tour around the Roman gardens, through the remains of the wings of the palace and studying the historical artefacts displayed in Fishbourne museum. 


The children could not believe that they were standing on top of a palace that was active over 2000 years ago and they would have been standing near royalty. 

Crazy hair day

Crookhorn Maths Olympiad

Crookhorn Maths Olympiad 1
Crookhorn Maths Olympiad 2

West end in schools drama workshop

Springwood children had the opportunity to take part in a dance/drama workshop where a book was brought to life, using the book “Where the wild things are” by Maurice Sendak. The workshop was run by Eddie Slattery from West end in schools who has been in multiple west end performances such as Grease, Saturday night fever and Mumma Mia.

Eddie said “I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Springfield Junior on Wednesday 27th. The children were very excited, passionate and hard working. There were a lot of very enthusiastic and talented children within the group and I thoroughly enjoyed them enjoying and really getting involved and challenging themselves. It was a pleasure.”

The Kings Theatre

An expert group had the opportunity to visit the Kings theatre in Southsea. We were focusing on finding out more about the preparation, running and features of an operational theatre. We had a tour of the history of the theatre and found out about the social classes that effected the decoration and layout of the theatre. We experienced what it would be like to sit in the Gallery (gods) and what kind of people would sit there 100 years ago.

Another reason we visited this theatre was in preparation of our Rock Challenge. We took notes on the technical aspects of a theatre performance and looked at a variety of items that we will be able to use during our performance. 

Stubbington activity centre


On arrival at Stubbington the children were quickly shown to their dorm rooms and given a create group that they will represent throughout their short visit. This gave the children a sense of team ownership but also gave an opportunity for the children to meet children from other schools in their team. After a hearty lunch we took a 5 mile long walk along the Hills head beach collecting lots of different shells and finding out about all of the different places and creatures that these shells could have come from. The most exciting fact was that the Mussel is killed by a Welk by drilling a hole in its shell and vomiting acid into the hole to dissolve the Mussel. After that it will slurp up its insides.

We nearly managed to avoid the heavy rain until we were 5 minutes away from returning back in which we got completely soaked, however this made it more exciting.

In the evening the children were treated to a wildlife show which featured a local photographer showing exciting pictures that he had taken throughout his career of capturing wildlife.

After an early morning wake up call Springwood got the opportunity to become an Earthquake survival team and had to get around a course without touching the floor while carrying a selection of survival items. The children really enjoyed working as a team and the lava leap at the end really tested their courage and judgement.

In the afternoon we had more team building activities where we were ‘Chaingangs’ and amazon jungle experts who had to get Aronus Cronus juice around without spilling a drop.

Our final activity of the day was setting mammal hotels around the grounds of Stubbington conservation area. The children had to create their hotel including food, water and bedding to try and catch a small mouse or vole. The next morning we went and checked on our hotels and although we did not catch anything Mr Nash caught a small mouse in his hotel and showed the whole group. We analysed the features of the mouse and identified its adaptations for the woodland area. We had the opportunity to hold the mouse, measure it, determine its sex and compare its weight to other objects.

Tuesday afternoon we had the opportunity to silently creep into the Badger hide to spot all the different wildlife at night in Stubbington. We were rewarded with a viewing of a pair of foxes feeding in the bushes.


Mrs Mitzen: the deputy site leader said about Springwood:

“I’m glad your all enjoyed your visit. 

We were really impressed with you all, children and adults!  The children were lovely to work with and seemed to engage quickly with the activities.  They were polite and we saw good behaviour from them.

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