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Queen Elizabeth Country Park


On Monday 13th June Year 3 jumped on a coach and traveled along the motorway to Queen Elizabeth Country Park where we readied ourselves for an eventful day outdoors... unfortunately mostly in the rain!

We did a variety of activities, some were led by Miss Golden and Mrs Goodwin, some were led by Melissa (a very knowledgeable lady who works at QE). We went pond-dipping, on a mini-beast safari and hunted through different habitats, comparing and contrasting the animals and plants there. Melissa showed and talked about some food webs and how they interlinked across habitats!

We also played some games where we needed to use our senses. We used our hearing to play a game linked to bats use of echolocation, used our sight for a game linked to birds finding food for their young and hunted for things we would need to hibernate in animal teams.


Apart from the rain, we all had a brilliant day - our legs certainly ached after all the up hill walking we did!!

Sports Day


Springwood Infant & Junior School joined together in the summer term to take part in a mix of sporting events. We split into teams representing the different houses: Independence, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork.


After competing as teams to collect points we competed in races within our year groups. We had sprints, relays and fun races, some of the teachers and parents even took part! The top 3 placed racers won a certificate.


After a long day, working hard in the sun, it was announced that the team Creativity had won overall! The trophy was presented to the winning team, along with the sportsman and sportswoman awards for each year group were presented. In year 3 Joan Osgood and Ethan Richardson won the awards.

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Expert visit - The Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight

As part of our topic on 'Journeys', on 19th April some children in the year group were able to travel on the Hovercraft over to the Isle of Wight - Ryde.

For many, including Miss Golden, this was the first time they had been on the Hovercraft, but so many people use it to make their journey's daily. We learnt that it is in fact an air craft and not a boat and that when you board it you are going on a flight.

When we arrived in Ryde, we walked along the seafront taking in our surroundings - this would be very important later! We chose to stop at a place that was right by the sea and had lots of grassy space and benches for us to do our work.

We had lots of different tasks while we were there:

- We created maps of the town Ryde using what we could see around us and a tourist map to help us.

- We recreated some street art that we saw, linking it to the hovercraft and our topic of journeys

- We worked in teams and made natural art from things we found on the beach under the topics; journeys, travel, skeletons and nature.

- We observed our surroundings and completed traffic surveys which we designed ourselves.


Also, as well as an extra special task, we were given £2 each and were able to buy something from a kiosk at the beachside. Before we did this, we voted on which products we thought fitted certain criteria. Some of our questions were, 'Which would be the most popular in the summer?' 'Which one looks the most appealing?' 'Which one is the best value for money?'. So that we could buy our chosen product, we needed to work out if it was in our budget and what change we would get back from our £2.


We had a creative and exciting day, experiencing new places and seeing Portsmouth from a different view!

World Book Day 4th March

World Book Day 4th March 1
World Book Day 4th March 2
World Book Day 4th March 3

The Giant Sing, The Anvil, Basingstoke

Expert Visits to Waterlooville Waitrose


On 24th February two lucky groups of children visited Waitrose in Waterlooville to conduct some behind the scenes research for our upcoming topics - Ready Steady Cook/All The Fun at The Fair.

They were met by Fiona - a partner in store - and focused on fruit. They learnt about the different produce, packaging, counters and other healthy foods along with the organisation of the store. They also got to try some exotic fruits, and investigated whether they would be appropriate for the focus foods in our topic.

We will be using their research  in the next couple of weeks as we begin our Food Technology focus topics.

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Winchester - Iconic Buildings


On Friday 22nd January, year 3 visited Winchester and its iconic cathedral. The day started with a coach journey with the children kept entertained by their revival of some of the Winter Production songs learnt in Autumn term. Once we had arrived we walked through town, taking in the style of the old buildings – lots of the children said that they weren’t like the ones in Waterlooville at all. As we walked towards the cathedral we could see its stained glass windows, its delicate carvings and its tall spires. We all took a moment just to take in how spectacular it was!

Our first stop was at the education centre, where we had a quick snack and met the people that would be teaching us all about the cathedral that day, after that we split off into 3 groups.

Throughout the day we all got the chance to participate in the same 3 activities led by the cathedral staff – before and after lunch.

One of the activities was a workshop creating Gargoyles and Grotesques out of clay. We learnt that a Gargoyle has its mouth open as it is near the guttering of the cathedral and it lets the water drain from its mouth and away from the roof. We also learnt that Grotesques are usually scary as it was believed (when the cathedral was built) that they would scare away bad souls and bad illnesses, therefore keeping the people of the cathedral safe and well. We were all able to make our own Gargoyle or Grotesque using a range of tools to mould the clay.

Another activity was a tour of the ancient cathedral. Whilst we were doing this we had to keep an eye out for certain things and ask questions to find out information. We learnt that St Swithun used to be buried outside the front of the cathedral but was moved by some of the Bishops and then his bones were lost by Henry the 8th! We found out that Jane Austen has 3 memorials in the cathedral as people believed she needed to be accredited for her writing – her first memorial didn’t mention her writing at all! We also discovered that the back/end of the cathedral has an uneven floor and the reason for this is that it flooded in the early 1900s and a brave diver named William Walker spent hours underwater repairing the floor. He didn’t have any way of communicating other than pulling on a rope!

The third activity we did at the cathedral was sketching the detailed exterior of the cathedral. Each group sketched the cathedral from a different angle. Mrs Cook’s group sketched the side of the cathedral, Mrs Caruana’s group sketched the inside and Miss Golden’s sketched the front, using a technique recommended by one of the Cathedral staff to draw its stained-glass window. We all did rubbings of the stones within the cathedral. Some of us even tried making our names using the old writing lettering that we could find.

After we had finished in the cathedral we had two more activities to do! We visited the City Museum which taught us about the history of Winchester itself all the way from back in the Roman era and up to Edwardian. We were able to try on costumes from each era – depending on the floor we were on – and there were even bones, pots and coins we could touch and sort. It was amazing to see how Winchester had changed over the years with a map that showed how it built up from 650AD until present day.

We also visited the high street shops again and sketched the interesting buildings that we could see. Some of chose the heavy beamed, wooden buildings, whilst others chose the old style concrete pillars or the elaborate iron clock jutting out above us.

We boarded the coach again at 4pm and we were very tired after a long day of walking and learning.

I know a lot of children enjoyed the visit, and have already had 3 children telling me that they are returning with their parents which is amazing to hear, I can't wait to find out the new things you learn!

Year 3's Expert Trip to Portchester Castle


On Tuesday 15th January Mrs Caruana, Mr Latham and an expert group of Year 3 children went to visit Portchester castle. They went to investigate the historical site and facetimed the rest of the class back at school! Mrs Caruana made sure she took the Ipads with her so they were able to take lots of photographs and Jack even made a video (please see below!).

When they had returned, they shared their knowledge and with the new facts Year 3 were able to write non-chronological reports!


We voted on which report we wanted to be ‘published’ on our website for our audience.

Read all about it below…


A Non-Chronological Report by Lilli Year 3

Have you ever been to a historical castle? If you haven’t then read this report!

Portchester castle is approximately nine miles and 25 minutes away from Waterlooville. You can see the Spinnaker tower from the Watergate! What is a Watergate? Read on to find out.


The Watergate is called that because it is near the sea. There is a Landgate which is called that because it is near the land. There is also a Postern gate. The Keep is made in three stages and is  a nearly hundred feet tall! Richard the 2nds palace is right in front of the Keep. Now, Richard the 2nds palace doesn’t have a roof. The top of the Landgate was for prisoners to be kept. The Inner/ Outer Bailey used to be a drawbridge for letting friends in and baddies out.

In Portchester castle there is a church called St. Mary’s church which was the only building with stained glass window. The Moat is next to the Inner Bailey so if the drawbridge was down then someone could fall in! Mrs. Caruana’s dog fell in the moat once!


In Portchester castle the Roman’s built it, then the Saxons moved there and finally Richard 2nd moved in. No one lives there anymore.

Today, Portchester castle is now being taken care of by the people at the English Heritage. People go there for school trips, dog walkers and in the summer people have picnics. They also go to the gift shop. Portchester castle has also been rebuilt over the years as it kept crumbling!

Thank you for reading my report.

Year 3 expert trip to Portchester Castle!

Stubbington Activity Centre


On arrival at Stubbington the children were quickly shown to their dorm rooms and given a create group that they will represent throughout their short visit. This gave the children a sense of team ownership but also gave an opportunity for the children to meet children from other schools in their team. After a hearty lunch we took a 5 mile long walk along the Hills head beach collecting lots of different shells and finding out about all of the different places and creatures that these shells could have come from. The most exciting fact was that the Mussel is killed by a Welk by drilling a hole in its shell and vomiting acid into the hole to dissolve the Mussel. After that it will slurp up its insides.

We nearly managed to avoid the heavy rain until we were 5 minutes away from returning back in which we got completely soaked, however this made it more exciting.

In the evening the children were treated to a wildlife show which featured a local photographer showing exciting pictures that he had taken throughout his career of capturing wildlife.

After an early morning wake up call Springwood got the opportunity to become an Earthquake survival team and had to get around a course without touching the floor while carrying a selection of survival items. The children really enjoyed working as a team and the lava leap at the end really tested their courage and judgement.

In the afternoon we had more team building activities where we were ‘Chaingangs’ and amazon jungle experts who had to get Aronus Cronus juice around without spilling a drop.

Our final activity of the day was setting mammal hotels around the grounds of Stubbington conservation area. The children had to create their hotel including food, water and bedding to try and catch a small mouse or vole. The next morning we went and checked on our hotels and although we did not catch anything Mr Nash caught a small mouse in his hotel and showed the whole group. We analysed the features of the mouse and identified its adaptations for the woodland area. We had the opportunity to hold the mouse, measure it, determine its sex and compare its weight to other objects.

Tuesday afternoon we had the opportunity to silently creep into the Badger hide to spot all the different wildlife at night in Stubbington. We were rewarded with a viewing of a pair of foxes feeding in the bushes.


Mrs Mitzen: the deputy site leader said about Springwood:

“I’m glad your all enjoyed your visit. 

We were really impressed with you all, children and adults!  The children were lovely to work with and seemed to engage quickly with the activities.  They were polite and we saw good behaviour from them.

Christmas Dinner

Possibly one of the largest Christmas dinners held today in Waterlooville. Springwood children were served their Christmas dinner by staff, pulled a cracker and sang along to a variety of Christmas songs handpicked by Mr Lathem. 

Tim Peake’s mission to space

Springwood had the opportunity to watch the live launch of Tim Peake’s mission to visit the international space station. We discovered the functional parts of the spacecraft, how long it would take and some of the preparation that has taken place. We took inspiration from this amazing achievement from someone who is local to our school and who has made history as the first British astronaut to reach the international space station. 

20151215_113313_106827542870771 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

London's Calling...

On Tuesday 3rd November we all arrived at school bright and early to try and beat the traffic on the way to London. Our teachers and extra adults organised us into the groups that we would be spending the day with and we excitedly boarded the bus. All the way there we chatted about whether this time would be like when we went in year 2. When we arrived we went to a park and a run-around - we had been sitting down for ages! Then we walked sensibly in our groups towards the enormous London Eye. The paths under the London Eye were extremely busy so we had to keep close to our leaders. First of all we went to the 4D experience. We all looked silly in our big glasses but the 4D film was brilliant, a seagull and a dragon came really close to our faces and it felt like we were actually flying over the top of the London Eye and some of us got soaked by the snow!

After the 4D experience we started our walk along the river Thames. Along the side of the Thames we saw lots of performers - a bubbleman and a floating Yoda - we also stopped and played some drums and looked inside a hut. During this walk we dropped off different groups at different locations - they are our experts about each place!

Miss Golden's group was first to stop, stopping at the National Theatre. Here we had the chance to see different props and set pieces being created from a viewing walkway for a brand new children's theatre show called 'Wonder.Land'. We discovered that the show is a modern twist on Lewis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland, but taking you inside the internet. We used extracts from the book to predict how the original characters would look and act in the show.

Next Miss Carter's group stopped,outside the ITV studios. Strangely, the BBC were actually filming outside the studios so we got to see a shoot live in action! Our task was to conduct live and pre-planned/scripted interviews where one of us was the interviewer and the other was a famous person. Some of us found that having the questions given to us was easier but others felt that this restricted us and much preferred the live interview.

Finally Mrs Goodwin's group stopped outside Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. We discussed that this wasn't the real or original Globe and was actually a replica as the real one was burnt down in a fire caused by a prop. We sat down outside the theatre and used black pens to use a hatching technique to sketch it. This technique creates more texture which was ideal for the thatched roof and patterns on the theatre.

After all our tasks had been completed all the groups met up at Bankside Pier to ride the Thames Clipper. We were a bit early so we amused ourselves by singing a sea shanty we had learnt from year 4/5 in our Harvest assembly. When we were on the Clipper we needed to keep an eye out for and record how many bridges we passed, how many buoys we saw (using what we learnt from Jake and Tyler to name them), which boats had right of way on the river and what hazards we could see. Some of us even got to go out the back of the boat!

The journey on the Clipper took half an hour and we arrived at Greenwich, where we saw the Cutty Sark. We had a discussion about what it was used for and why it was now in a dry-dock like the Victory.

As a whole year group, we next walked through Greenwich park and then up a humungous hill (it was very tiring!). When we reached the top was saw Greenwich observatory and there was a beautiful view of part of London. Here we drew and described what we could see, trying to identify and name each strange building. We could see Canary Wharf, the O2 arena, the Shard and a lipstick tower that looked just like the one in Portsmouth!

Then it was time to walk back to the coach. Along our way we saw some Police Horses - we didn't know the police had horses! Year 2 were already waiting for us at the pick up point but lucky for us our coach turned up first!

We had such a brilliant and fun but tiring day that on the coach back some of us just couldn't keep our eyes open, although some of us were still very wide awake!


On Monday 2nd November we learnt about E-Safety. We watched an interesting video which warned us about some of the negative things that might happen when we are on the internet. We also learned 4 top tips for what to do if these happen. After this, we played an E-Safety board game and presented this to years 1 and 2.

Ask us about the Top Tips!

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Investigating Light in Science

On Thursday 22nd October we investigated how light passes through different objects. We used materials that were transparent, translucent and opaque to investigate what happened when we shone a light beam (our torch) on them. We all made our predictions about what we thought would happen and then tested out our predictions to see if we were accurate.

We were surprised about some things that happened, but others were as we expected.

We really enjoyed investigating this as we were able to find things out by ourselves!

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Harvest Festival

On Wednesday 21st October Year 3 had their first performance as part of the Junior School.

We all had great fun learning the new songs and putting together our contribution to the festival, as well as learning about the Harvest. It was really good to see what the other year groups had been learning about as well!

We'd like to say thank you to all those parents who came and watched our performance and to those who donated food for the Harvest Festival.

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Don't forget to check out the French website that Madame Atkins gave us to do a bit of French home learning! Follow the instructions on the slip we gave you!

Mary Rose Off Site Visit.

On Monday 12th October, year 3 visited the Historic Dockyard, specifically we the Mary Rose Museum. The day started early, but after a short coach journey we arrived at our destination, all ready for the day ahead. In order to get to the museum we had a long walk through the dockyard, passing HMS Warrior, Action Stations, the Naval Museum and HMS Victory. When we arrived at the museum we split into two groups; half of us with Mrs Goodwin and the other half with Miss Golden.

Mrs Goodwin’s group started in a classroom, participating in a workshop all about life in Portsmouth in Tudor times. We got to try on different clothes that rich and poor people wore in those times – they were very different! Rich peoples clothes were colourful and patterned, whereas the poor peoples were brown, plain and boring – although we found the poor people’s clothes much more comfortable! (Miss Golden’s group did this workshop after lunch!)

Miss Golden’s group started off in the dark and informative museum. As we weaved our way through the many corridors and galleries we found some fascinating displays, all protected by thick glass casing. We were lucky enough to meet some of the museum staff while we were going around and they very kindly let us touch, hold, smell and try on different artefacts that were found aboard the Mary Rose (some were replicas as the real things were far too special) – we even got to smell some 500year old rope! Our favourite parts of the museum were seeing the dog skeleton found aboard the Mary Rose – he was used to hunt rats! We also found it really interesting seeing the ship and hearing its story of how it was raised and how it is being preserved! We were really confused about how they had got it in the small room so we asked – they built the room around it! (Mrs Goodwin’s group did this second.)

We then had a yummy lunch in Boathouse number 7 and a quick but well-earned rest before we headed back to the classroom to start our next workshop! Our next workshop was called the Navigators apprentice and was all about the job role aboard the Mary Rose. We learnt about taking the bearings of the ship every half hour using a special board which was a bit complicated and we also learnt about the importance of navigating through the right depth of water! We used lots of old resources in this workshop, we really needed to think carefully so we did our job properly! We were even able to use some of our prior knowledge from Jake and Tyler's visit in this workshop! (Miss Golden’s group did this before lunch).

After this we met up with the other group and had a quick snack! We couldn’t stop talking to each other about what we did! Following this we split back into our two groups and Mrs Goodwin’s group sat by the HMS Victory and completed some detailed sketches of it using different grades of pencil. We had to think really carefully about all the tiny details of the ship! Miss Golden’s group walked all the way back to the front entrance gates and we completed a trail for visitors using our route around the Historic Dockyard. We had to make sure we included all the important attractions and that they were the correct distance apart from each other. On top of this we had to make sure our trail match the direction we were walking and the shape that we walked. At our last stop we experienced something extra – we were lucky enough to have some police officers come over and show us their kit. They explained what they were doing and they even let some of us have a look through the eye scope of their gun.

We were all truly knackered when we returned back to the coach but had a fab day! The weather was brilliant (Miss Golden even managed to get sunburnt!), we learnt lots of new things and got to see some fantastic historical artifacts!

Countdown to Christmas - Christmas Card Art

On Wednesday 7th October we invited our parents in to come in and make Christmas cards with us. 

In year 3 we created a sunset scene of Bethlehem using a variety of techniques and materials. We used a water and glue wash on the background to create textures with different coloured tissue paper, then a metallic, acrylic paint wash to fill in the gaps. We used salt to create an amazing reaction with the paint that looked fab! Lastly, we added our own silhouettes to the foreground. Some of us chose hills, stables, mangers and even donkeys!

We had a great time making our very own Christmas cards and can't wait to get them back so we can give them out to our friends and family!


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Geography visit from Jake and Tyler

On 7th October we had a visit from Jake and Tyler, who work at the Portsmouth Watersports Centre, as part of our ships and coasts topic. They came in to teach us some geography about buoys, markers in the channel, 'rules of the road' on the sea, the different kinds of watercraft and the ways they communicate when it is foggy.

We had great fun placing the buoys on their rope version of Portsmouth harbour and finding out what they all mean! 

We then got to be the different boats and shifts, learning who has right of way and what to do if they might be going to crash!

Best of all we learnt about the horns that big ships make when it is foggy and they can't see! It was fab as we were allowed to be extremely noisy!

This was a different and exciting way for us to learn about ships and coasts - we loved it!

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French Breakfast

On Wednesday 30th September, Year 3 were invited to a 'French Breakfast' so they could practise their new skills of greeting one another in French, counting in French and choosing / tasting French delicacies.

Le petit dejeuner
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Crosissant
  • Chocolat chaud
  • Fromage
  • Pain
  • Confiture
  • Yaourt
  • Jus’d’orange
  • Jus’de pomme

As you can see from the photos, the children very much enjoyed the opportunity to try out their new skills in a real life situation and their spoken French was indeed tres bien!

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Tudor Clothing

Today (21/09/15) Mr Weeks brought something very exciting into year 3. He’d found an old trunk in the woods and he thought it would be helpful for us.

We spent the afternoon looking through its contents, asking questions and identifying who the items belonged to.

Libby asked if the shoes were Henry VIII’s wives.

Lilly thought that the hat, dress and trousers were all the same outfit as they had the same pattern on them.

Joan noticed the clothing had expensive jewels on it.

Jake thought that the jacket might have been made out of animal skin.

Maddie said that the gold thread made the clothing look expensive.

We learnt lots of new words. We discovered that women wore hats that were called ‘English Hoods’, a man wore ‘Trunkhose’ which were like knee length shorts and both men and women wore things covered in jewels, gold thread and lots of layers – to show how rich they were.

We realised that most things were worn so that the people wearing them looked as rich as possible. Henry VIII had his clothed made out of materials from all over the world, that really showed how much money he had!

We had the brilliant volunteers Malcolm and Libby try on the clothing.

In the end, we decided that the clothing were replicas of clothing from the Tudor period – a time when Henry VIII was king.

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'Just Different'

On Friday 11th September, Year 3 took part in a 'JustDifferent' workshop which was led by an inspirational lady named Alison, who has Thalidomide.  Alison explained to us that she was born with very short arms because her mum took some medicine for morning sickness along time ago, before doctors understood that it was not safe.  We know this medicine is now no longer given to pregnant ladies.

Alison wanted us to understand that she does not like being described as disabled, she prefers to be  we should celebrate being 'unique'.
We asked many questions about how Alison's life may be similar / different to ours and soon realised that she can do most things that we can, just in a different way.  She has very clever feet!  She showed us how she write's using her feet, pick up objects like rulers, paperclips and she can even put a sock on one foot using the other!
She has challenged us to have a go at these tasks and share our thoughts about how easy / tricky they are and how we would feel if we had to do them in a public place.  

Have a look at the pictures below of when we had a go!

" I found it quite easy to write but I took a few goes to get it right." - Joe

"I would feel happy to meet new people and different but it's good to be different." - Lily

By the end of the workshop, we all agreed being different is to be celebrated and we love being 'unique
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Take a look below to see what last years Woodlice class got up to.



Queen Elizabeth Country park


All of year 3 had the opportunity to go on an offsite visit to Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Petersfield.

We had an amazing day comparing the woods at Springwood to their vast grounds, looking at the similarities and differences and using them to support our current topic of 'Wild about Springwood'.

The children had the opportunity to complete multiple activities including pond dipping, Bug hunts, art using natural objects and embarking on a journey through the woodlands.


We had a competition to see who could be the most creative with the natural objects and create something you might see in the woodlands. The photos from this competition are below alongside pictures of the day.



Art day in the Springwood grounds


The first day back after the Easter break year 3 were lucky to have an art day in the school grounds. Enjoying the sunny weather the children had the opportunity to explore the fantastic school grounds whilst enjoying lots of activities that they can do either in school or at home.

The year group was split into groups so they could all get the opportunity to try a variety of activities.


Making sun prints involved the children collecting flowers and leaves all around the bushes of the grounds and placing them on blueprint paper so that the shadows created prints. The children then placed the paper into water and let it dry in the sun. The result was paper with lots of different and fascinating prints.


The children had the opportunity to see how to make their own kaleidoscopes using a long tube, a plastic cap, 3 mirrors and a piece of card with a peep hole. Once they had made their kaleidoscope the children were able to add objects inside of the kaleidoscope to make different images.


It was not only the teachers that were able to take photos on this art day. The children worked in partners using only a small frame, and large frame and a digital camera to capture the best natural parts of Springwood. They used the frames to highlight the detail of objects and even created their own frames using their bodies and natural objects.


One the best parts of the day for myself was creating paint out of natural objects in the school grounds. The children were able to add water to grass, mud, ash and clay to make a natural kind of paint so that they could paint their own pictures. To make patterns on the paper the children used masking tape to covered areas that they did not want to paint.


The last activity before lunch took place in an area that most of the children knew very well, outside of the year R field. Sitting under a huge tree, the children had a piece of clay and were shown how make an insect body before adding legs, antennae and other features using twigs found on the ground.


All of the children enjoyed the day and learnt how they can use the outdoors to make amazing and interesting art that they can create at school or home.


Creating clay insects

Painting patterns using natural paints

Photography using framing

Making and using kaleidoscopes

Creating sun prints using natural objects

Hayling Funfair

Some of Year 2 and 3 went to visit Hayling Island Funfair on Tuesday as research for our up and coming mini topic- All the Fun at the Fair!

We spent a lovely sunny morning looking at the different rides. We had to think about:

Who is the ride for? What is the theme? How does it move- what mechanism?  How is the ride safe for riders and people watching?


The rest of Year 2 and 3 worked as teams in school to research fairground rides. They worked with Engineer Curry and Professor Melly  to look into themes, mechanisms and colours of rides. They explored how some rides move and made some moving parts which could be used on funfair rides.

We are excited to start designing and constructing our rides next week!

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Picture 8

Classroom Banquet

Thank you to all of the parents that came to the year 3 classroom banquets. The children worked really hard on creating Anglo-saxon griddle cakes, Rye bread and vegetable pottage. This worked alongside the children's instruction writing in their literacy and gave them some practical experience for writing.


Selling Sandwiches

Year 3 were set a challenge to research, design, package and produce sandwiches that they could sell to others in the school and parents after school.

Mr Lathem said that the children had to try and make a profit in order to make the stall successful. In which they did make a profit of around £20!

We had a variety of different fillings and bread styles because of the market research year 3 did with the rest of the school and every child had the opportunity to get involved. They learnt how to; research, work as a large team, costing of products, run a stall, design and create.  

Glorious Goodwood Farm

Have you ever wondered where your milk, cheese and meat come from? Well, as part of our 'ready, steady, cook' topic the whole of year 3 got the opportunity to see for themselves around Goodwood farm.

On arrival they were able to drink fresh cows milk that was made only the day before and were then able to see where it is milked from the cows. Around the farm there were loads of different animals including cows, sheep, pigs and a few chickens and the class got to see where they slept and what they like to eat. All of the group had the opportunity to milk Daisy the (artificial) cow that lived on Goodwood Farm.

The most memorable part of the trip was seeing the baby sheep in the pens, some of which were only 20 minutes old, which the children got to hold and stroke.


A trip to Winchester

As part of year 3's current topic of castles and special buildings they had the exciting opportunity to visit the Great Hall in Winchester. As part of this trip they saw the remains of Winchester castle and find out all about its vast history.

The children discovered the past of Alfred the great through storytelling and role play and were able to find important Heroes around the great hall using clues.


After lunch Woodlice went on a tour around Winchester. We walked through the Westgate so we could experience entering the city as people did many years ago. We were also able to estimate the height of the King Alfred statue in the centre of town. Finally we spent some time in the City museum in Winchester, where we did some coin rubbing, dressing up as Saxons and looking at the history of Winchester.


Fun Fact

Did you know that King Henry III was only 9 years old when we took over as King?



London calling

Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to visit London for the second year in a row! This time, as researchers and Geographers we looked at the significant buildings in London and why people would like to visit these landmarks. We compared London to our local area of Waterlooville in terms of traffic, the number of people in certain areas, the noise levels and what human and physical features both have.


What did we do on the day?

We walked over the Westminster bridge to Parliament Square

Laid a Wreath that we made for remembrance day at the Cenotaph

Completed group activities in Trafalgar square

Visited the National gallery

Went on the Thames Clipper boat

Visited Greenwich Market and tried some of the food they offered

Looked over the whole of London from the top of Greenwich hill






The Mary Rose

As part of our topic of 'Ships and Coasts' we had the opportunity to visit the Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth.

The children had a great day finding lots of facts about; who was on board, the crew members and the ship's weapons.


In one of our workshops we looked at Portsmouth in Tudor times and what it would be like for the rich and poor people. We had the opportunity to look at the items they would have and what they would dress like.




Classroom Reporters

Across the whole of year 3 we have become news reporters. Using the facts that we found in books, websites and texts we were able to present our ideas as a news report, just like on Newsround. The children chose all of their own facts and decided on their script before the big performance to the rest of the class.


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