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The school is judged on its pupils' conduct which includes pride in their uniform.  Some parents have requested guidance on this matter and noted that some children wear clothing which is  unsuitable for school activities, including footwear. 
The school has monitored the uniform and from September 2017 uniform options below will be  strictly followed.  All shirts must be tucked in and children should take a pride in their appearance.
In line with the majority of schools all pupils must wear the set uniform. This can be  combined with grey/black skirts/trousers/shorts. The school permits the wearing of white shirts with collars, in addition to white/green polo shirts detailed on the list. The school have purchased a small quantity of stock for the green option until we can assess the popularity for this new item. Girls may wear green checked/striped  dresses. 
All shoes/ boots must be black or dark navy. Grey/black /green or white socks are permitted, ankle, knee length or tights.  No trainers or open toed or open backed shoes are permitted on a daily basis. These are unsuitable for daily use or the outdoor curriculum on offer. Please provide your child with  wellington boots in September so that your child can access the school grounds in all weathers. 
All earrings must be plain studs and taped or removed on PE days. No other jewellery is permitted.  Hair ribbons/bows/ties etc. must be white/black/navy or green and a maximum of 5cm. No pupils should wear JoJo bows. Pupils need  to be able to experience a wide curriculum and oversized bows prevent them from doing so safely. From  September 2017, pupils will be asked to remove oversized bows and these will be stored by the teacher for  collection at the end of the day.
The school will monitor pupils’ uniform. The school reserve the right for pupils to be asked to change clothing  in school should an item of non uniform be worn. Parents will receive text notification in this case. Please  contact the school office by 8.30am if an emergency warrants the permission for non uniform, under  exceptional circumstances.
School PE kit 
Pupils can wear options a) b) to school on PE days. A list of days will be on the parent information board in  September. Option b) starts at size 7-8 yrs. For those children who do not want to wear this sports kit they can choose to wear school uniform and Infant children change into PE kit c) and Junior children PE kit c) or d). Costs are available at the school office. Option c is available in supermarkets and sports stores of your own choice. (white t shirt, dark navy or black shorts). Black plimsolls. The school does not have a large stock of spare items. Please ensure your child has the correct kit on the correct days.  


Please follow the link below to the newsletter sent in July for photographs of the PE kit. 

School Uniform Price List from 1st April 2019

Please note, we no longer stock Uniform in school.  Please order through Stitch  Design details below.  There will be a small charge for postage.

We are proud that our pupils take pride in their work, their school and their appearance. Wearing their uniform helps them to gain a “sense of belonging”.


If they take pride in their own appearance they will take pride in their work and their achievements through life.


Help them to be a proud member of our successful schools.

Please ensure all school uniform is named.  The schools expect all pupils demonstrate independence when organising belongings.
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